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Details of the raw materials in Meetab supplements

Considering that people’s diets nowadays are quite similar, tests have shown that 80% of people all have the same deficiencies.

From this data, My health supplement has been formulated to address these fundamental deficiencies common to everybody.

Other person-specific deficiencies can be identified with metabolomic analysis or through the Yango Health Test, which identify which areas are most deficient and which supplements are best suited for the person.


Meetab supplements are mainly multivitamins whose ingredients are specially designed to work in synergy and increase the effectiveness of the individual elements as a whole. For example, a metabolomic supplement contains a vitamin and its cofactors (nutritional factors that allow the assimilation and utilization of the vitamin itself within the biochemical reactions of the body).

A complete solution

There is a large variety of minerals and amino acids. For example, the minerals present must be at least 75 as are the minerals that are indispensable to the body and that it finds naturally in the soil, in the sea or in plants.

Amino acids must also be all present, in a balanced form, and not limited to a few varieties among the twenty or so substances needed.

The standard of the ingredients

Considering the quantity of the ingredients inside each product (for example, MY HEALTH has 145 elements) we have made choices in terms of the utmost quality and cost. We wanted very high-level supplements for reasonable prices.

This was achieved by using some components that constitute the "non plus ultra" that exists in the market, (see some examples below), and keeping the high standards of the industry for the other components. We never use added refined sugars often used as thickeners in other supplements.

Lab tests and pure form

Every production batch undergoes a microbiological, heavy metal analysis to check if there is any gluten or other allergens.

Some technical data and special elements:

Vitamine E

Many people, even in the industry, do not know that there are different forms of Vitamine E and that not all of them are good.

There are various forms of Vitamin E on the market, and we have to be particularly careful to the DI-alpha tocopherol form which is very common because it’s less expensive, but it derives from oil, so it should be absolutely avoided.

Instead, we exclusively use Vitamin E of vegetable origin and in the form with 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols.

Vitamine K2

Within our multivitamins we use the Mena Q7 form of Vitamine K2 which is the one absorbed by the body. There are three forms of vitamine K, two synthetic and the natural K2, that we use. To give you an idea of the difference, Mena Q7 K2 is 10 times more expensive than the synthetic one and the difference in raw materials in terms of quality is obvious.

Folic Acid

We use the Calcium L-methylfolate form, which is the active form of the folic acid, meaning it’s bioavailable without further processing. This was necessary, as 40% of population cannot absorb the standard form of the folic acid. In the form that we use, raw materials cost 100 times more than the normal one.


There are different kinds of minerals, but we only use trace salts extracted from salt lakes because they can be used more easily. Minerals are very important and you can find them in several of our products to supplement all the salts that we need.

Omega 3-6-9

There is a tendency to supplement only Omega 3 but this creates imbalances and unbalances. They are balanced in the best form to be absorbed. Giving only Omega 3 creates imbalances. Instead, our formula is a balanced mix of oils and specially designed to be absorbed.

Very often the Omega 3 being extracted from fish have a high presence of heavy metals which makes them unhealthy. In our My Omega 3-6-9 we have very high standards of filtration and we have all the certificates on the absence of heavy metals on the website that guarantee the quality.

Vitamine C:

We use all 4 forms of Vitamin C available:

  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Calcium Ascorbate
  • Magnesium Ascorbate
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate

Moreover, we add bioflavonoids, lysine and proline to enhance absorption.

Amino acids:

Most of our amino acids come from Kyowa®, a leading Japanese company.

Normally amino acids are extracted from muscle or from biological cultures, the problem is that they leave impurities in the filtration stage.

Kyowa® amino acids are produced in bioreactors, where there are bacteria that produce the molecule in its pure form. Kyowa® produces amino acids that are also used in hospitals. They are so pure that they could be injected directly.

Coenzyme Q 10:

We use coenzyme Q10 from Kaneka™ in a reduced form of ubiquinol, which is already active. Normally, however, in other supplements it is found in an oxidized form, i.e. in the form of ubiquinone. Studies show that ubiquinol is absorbed 8 times more and 90% more effectively.


It contains the greatest number of strains than any other probiotic on the market, including natural kefir strains.

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